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19.12.1990: the association is established.

To this end, the deed of incorporation is deposited before a Notary of Rozzano, which reads as follows: it is intended to establish in Basiglio, with headquarters in Piazza Monsignor Rossi n.1, a non-profit association of Public Assistance, called " PA CROCE FRIEND OF AID VOLUNTEERS "



01.11.1991, 5.45 pm: first emergency-urgency intervention.

With the M01 ambulance with 3 rescuers, at the request of the Milano 3 security ("Vigilanza"), the 1st rescue service in our history is carried out: our first patient is transported from Basiglio to the San Paolo hospital in Milan.



10.10.1992: Croce Amica joins Anpas.

A little more than a year after the start of the activities (as required by the regulation of Anpas itself), Croce Amica joins Anpas, the National Association of Pubbliche ASsistenze ( through the regional division (www. Joining Anpas means:

1) be a public assistance (hence the wording PA in the name of the Association), that is to consider as a central aspect of the mission assistance understood as an action aimed at "something", carried out alongside "someone" and developed in a "public way".

2) to be a voluntary association based on organized participation in collective life, legitimized by social utility, recognized by the communities of belonging for what we do and for what we represent and not for the cultural or party alignment to which each of the volunteers belongs.

1993: new headquarters for Croce Amica.

The number of volunteers increases, as does the number of services performed. The headquarters in Basiglio historic center is no longer suited to the needs of an Association that is growing rapidly. Croce Amica moves in Milano 3, in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 1.

1995: the number of calls increased, the vehicle fleet expanded.

In a few years, the rescue activity becomes more and more important for the territory. After the M01, Croce Amica is therefore equipped with a second ambulatory, the M02. Both vehicles are Fiat Ducato converted into ambulances and equipped with the most modern medical devices (see photo). Croce Amica also enriches its fleet with a used car (M03) used for the transport of things and people.



13.05.1998: from non-profit Public Assistance to a registered Volunteer Association

Croce Amica is registered in the Regional General Register of Volunteering (registration n. 2355 - Section A), as shown in the DPGR 2147 of 13.05.1998.

1999: Croce Amica buys its first Renault Master.

On 27.04.1999 the ambulance called M04 was registered, fitted out on Renault Master II° series (see photo). The ambulance is personalized inside, as all Croce Amica ambulances will have been since then: the goal is to guarantee maximum comfort for the patient and maximum safety for operators.

2001: Croce Amica celebrates its first 10 years.

Having become a point of reference for the whole community in a decade, Croce Amica continues to grow. The Basiglio area is manned 24/7 by an ambulance carrying certified volunteers.

2003: Croce Amica moves to the headquarters in Via Manzoni, 2

Croce Amica has grown. His house is no longer adequate for the needs. The municipal administration of Basiglio, chaired by the Mayor Dr. Mirella Facchin Catalfamo, makes a part of the former sales pavilion located in Milano 3 available to Croce Amica.

2005: Croce Amica buys its first "double door" ambulance

With a view to easily (and therefore more quickly) access to the aids necessary to manage traumatic patients, the M09 ambulance was registered on 16.12.2005, the first to have a sliding door on both sides of the vehicle. The door on the right is used for ascent and descent from the sanitary compartment; the door on the left, on the other hand, allows access to the compartment where the spine board, vacuum mattress, vacuum splint, etc. are located.



2008: Croce Amica signs an agreement with the Lombardy Region for the emergency emergency service 118

Following the reorganization of the regional emergency-urgency service, Croce Amica is selected as Public Assistance to guarantee rescue in the southern area of ​​the Milan Province (Basiglio is the ambulance station) and in the south-east area of ​​Milan.

2011: Croce Amica celebrates 20 years of history

The time has come to blow out 20 candles. Croce Amica celebrates its birthday by giving the citizens of Basiglio the ambulance called M15. Thanks to M15, it is possible to carry out Mobile Reanimation Centers even over long and very long distances and comfortably accommodate self-medical and self-nursing crews on board.

2016: Croce Amica celebrates 25 years of history

Time flies in Croce Amica. Shortly after celebrating the first 20 years of history, thanks also to the support of Sporting Milano 3, recently reopened after a long break, we are back in the square to toast with our fellow citizens a new and very important birthday: 25 years of 24-hour service, 7 days a week.



2017: Croce Amica changes the Board of Directors

In October Roberto Bizzozero is elected President, and with him on the board of directors are Carlo Giorgio Visconti (Vice-President), Simonetta Zangrossi (Commander) and Elena Bergamini (Responsible for shifts).



2018: Croce Amica celebrates the first 10 years of agreement with the Lombardy Region for the emergency emergency service 118

The agreements in force provide that Croce Amica is active 365 days a year with two ambulances, one active in the territory of Basiglio and neighboring municipalities, the other active in the territory of Milan, near Piazzale Corvetto.



2019: Croce Amica is called to guarantee medical assistance during the home matches of Inter Milan and AC Milan

And this is just one example. Croce Amica is chosen to provide health care in many high-traffic events. Among them are the 92nd National Alpine Gathering, the Air Show event, to celebrate the reopening of Linate Airport after an important restyling, various events held at the Teatro della Luna in Assago, the Teatro degli Arcimboldi and the Allianz Cloud (ex-Palalido). Croce Amica starts a fruitful collaboration with SOS Milano, a very important reality of the Milan city rescue.

2020: Croce Amica activates an ambulance dedicated to the CoViD-19 emergency

In March, at the height of the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Croce Amica was chosen by AREU Lombardia to provide an ambulance and a crew to 2 rescuers dedicated 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the rescue of CoVid-19 positive or suspected positive patients.

In the same days, Croce Amica starts up the Municipal Operations Center (COC) of Basiglio. Three volunteers of the Association, every day, answer the phone to support fragile citizens or organize the delivery of medicines, shopping and hot meals at home.

On 7.6.2020 Croce Amica inaugurates the new ambulance called M17, donated by the Vittorio Polli and Anna Maria Stoppani Foundation and dedicated to the memory of Federico Citarella



03.31.2021: Croce Amica becomes an ODV

In compliance with the provisions of the so-called reform of the Third Sector, Croce Amica amends its Statute and becomes a Voluntary Organization (ODV). The official name of the Association changes to PUBBLICA ASSISTENZA CROCE AMICA BASIGLIO ORGANIZZAZIONE DI VOLONTARIATO.

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