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Croce Amica Basiglio, since 1991, is proudly associated with A.N.P.AS., the Italian Association of "Pubbliche Assistenze" (volunteering associations providing assistance to the general public), founded in 1904.

A.N.P.AS. is a secular organization, made up of volunteers who, every day, build a more just and supportive society through the development of a culture of solidarity and rights and the creation of solidarity communities in Italy and abroad.

A.N.P.AS. bases its institutional and associative activity on the constitutional principles of democracy, social participation and voluntary activity, so as to be understood as that provided in a personal, spontaneous and free way, non-profit, even indirectly and for solidarity purposes only, and is it is aimed at the general population and not exclusively at the members of the organization itself.


A.N.P.AS. and its associates make decisive and prevalent use of the personal, voluntary and free services of its members.

The aims of the A.N.P.AS. are:

  • the construction of a more just and supportive society through the protection and recognition of the rights of the person, as well as anything else that refers to the human capacity to engage in helping and assisting others;

  • the representation at local, national and international level of the belonging associations;

  • the protection, assistance, promotion and coordination, both in Italy and abroad, of organized volunteering;

  • the development of a culture of solidarity and the protection of citizens' rights;

  • assistance, promotion and support of children's rights and international adoptions and international cooperation;

  • the promotion, organization and coordination of health, rescue, emergency and urgency transport;

  • the promotion and coordination of social, health and welfare services;

  • the promotion, organization, coordination and management of civil protection and environmental protection activities.

The associate of A.N.P.AS. needs to:

  • constitute a moment of aggregation of citizens who, through direct participation, intend to contribute to the life and development of the community;

  • to base its commitment on the aims and objectives of civil, social and cultural renewal and on the affirmation of the values of popular solidarity;

  • to base its activity in a decisive and prevalent way on the voluntary and free personal services of its members;

  • to base its structure on the principles of democracy enunciated by the Constitution;

  • promote and organize the dissemination of health awareness and solidarity culture around socio-health problems, welfare, civil protection, environmental protection, social security in general, the fight against loneliness and any other aspect of popular solidarity in which expresses the aggregating and creative capacity of people;

  • set up its organization on the absence of profit, the democratic nature of the structure, the electivity and gratuitousness of the associative positions, as well as the gratuitousness of the services provided by the members, the criteria for their admission and exclusion and their obligations and rights;

  • use resources mainly for solidarity purposes.

A.N.P.AS. is a member of SAMARITAN INTERNATIONAL eV, an international non-governmental organization made up of 19 associations from 18 European countries. SAMARITAN aims to foster cooperation between European associations dealing with first aid, civil protection, humanitarian aid and social services. In this way, the SAMARITAN member associations intend to increase the safety of European citizens and create a virtuous path of collaboration that can be used above all in the case of serious and very serious emergencies..

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