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Croce Amica Basiglio: the smiling Cross!


Who, today, does not use the funny "smilies" in the most colorful chats or e-mails?


They are the so-called emoticons, an expression deriving from the union of the English words emotion (emotion, feeling) and icon (symbol). They are intended to represent certain facial expressions, which we Italians like so much and for which we are famous in the world. Emoticons facilitate communication and often replace words or even whole sentences, enlivening the text and conveying moods or emotional states.


Emoticons were born in 1982, when a misunderstood joke between physicists led to the question of how irony could be depicted in written communication. So, Scott Fohlman proposed the combination :-)

Thus was born the symbol of good humor, still widely used today!

A multitude of additions and variations have been made over the years to express different feelings. In the 1990s, Japan switched from cartoon faces to pictograms, like this one 😊. Since then we talk about emoji, the union of an " e ", which stands for image, and the word "moji ", which indicates the characters.

Today, the applications we use automatically transform the most traditional emoticons into modern emojis .


So, you might say, what does all this have to do with Croce Amica Basiglio?




The Croce Amica Basiglio logo, born in the same years as the emoji , is characterized by a smiley face with laughing eyes, placed in the center of a white cross, on a green background ".

The smiley face with laughing eyes is the leitmotif of PA Croce Amica Basiglio ODV. It is our way of saying that everything will be fine, even in the most difficult situations. It is a symbol that expresses gratitude towards those who replace us and the contentment of the actions we do every day. It is a potpourri of a smile that expresses serenity and a positive and serene mood.


The cross in the center of which is the face is white on a green background. This part of our logo derives from the international symbol assigned to first aid by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which consists of a white cross on a green background.


But green is not just the background in our logo. Green is also the smiley face. Green, like hope. Hope that our work will be successful in its intent to soften hearts. Hope that our commitment will be effective in promoting the principles of equality, freedom, solidarity and fraternity that inspire us. Hope that the voluntary service of public assistance of which we are actors can translate into an ethical system that recognizes itself in the values ​​of democracy, gratuitousness, secularism, social participation, mutuality and subsidiarity.

In 2017, around the symbol described above, an inscription was added bearing the name of the Association, which at the time was PA Croce Amica - Volontari del Soccorso , and the headquarters of the same, Basiglio.

In 2021 the Association changes its name to PA Croce Amica Basiglio ODV. In this way, the name of the municipality in which the Association was born and has prevailing interests, Basiglio, officially becomes part of the denial of the Public Assistance. The wording ODV (Volunteer Organization) takes the place of Aid Volunteers , as required by the Third Sector reform.


The logo, on the occasion of the thirtieth birthday of the Association, is adapted accordingly (approval of the Assembly of Members of 30.06.2021), introducing not only the new name of the Association, but also its year of beginning of activity (1991) and the Italian banner.


the Tricolor becomes the characterizing element of the logo, bringing with it the multiple meanings of an element of aggregation, of a sense of belonging to the Nation and to a single People and an element around which to find oneself and from which to redesign the country in the aftermath of the pandemic from CoVid-19, which has put Italy and the Italians to the test.


The logo eventually loses the white circle in the background and becomes transparent. This choice is certainly not accidental, or a mere graphic choice. Transparency is the basis of Croce Amica Basiglio, its Board of Directors and its Members, who make the principle of transparency, understood not only as total accessibility to information concerning the organization and activity of the Association, but also as a trend of conscience dictated by intrinsic morality and respect for the rules, a fundamental value in one's choices and activities.

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