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The service dedicated to patients who need to reach the emergency room as soon as possible

The Croce Amica volunteers engaged in the 112 Emergency service respond promptly, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to the requests for assistance that are transferred to them from the SOREU (Regional Emergency Emergency Room) Metropolitan. These are all requests that arrive at the single European emergency number 112 by telephone or through the WhereAREU app for which the rescuers of Croce Amica are able to intervene within a few minutes.

Croce Amica's rescuers, as required by regional regulations, are neither doctors nor nurses. They are trained people who know perfectly well how to act in emergency situations . They obtained a certificate after 120 hours of training, 60 hours of coaching and passing a final exam. They also follow compulsory refresher courses to be able to provide service.

Depending on the type of problem (medical or traumatic), the rescuers of Croce Amica implement the maneuvers to put the patient in safety and contact the operations center, after detecting vital parameters and evaluating them. The operations center, having received the call of the rescuers, will guide the vehicle with the patient to the most suitable hospital structure . The practice, under normal conditions, is to provide that this is the closest to the place of the emergency. In cases of overcrowding of the nearest hospital or the need for special therapies, the vehicle is directed to the most suitable structure.

Trust us, you are in excellent hands!

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