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Croce Amica Basiglio is a Voluntary Organization which, since 1991, has been operating in the field of first aid and medical transport with ambulances.

Croce Amica Basiglio is currently co-owner of two ongoing agreements with AREU (Regional Emergency and Urgency Agency, AAT 118 of Milan), thanks to which it has 2 ambulances active 365 days a year for the 112 service.

One of them is stationed at our headquarters located in Milan 3 (Basiglio), the other is stationed in Bubbiano (MI).


Croce Amica Basiglio can count on about 100 volunteers and 9 employees : all the personnel employed in the ambulance have the regional Rescuer-Executor certification and are qualified to use the semi-automatic defibrillator, as well as to perform remote electrocardiograms. Finally, it has a car park consisting of 5 ambulances, 1 car for the transport of wheelchair patients and 1 car for the transport of non-bedridden patients.


In addition to helping anyone in need, at Croce Amica Basiglio we work for the "promotion and dissemination of the culture of volunteering" and "training and health information and health prevention in its various health and social aspects". For this reason, we organize health training courses open to citizens, schools, companies and all groups of people who want to acquire new knowledge in the field of prevention, rescue and volunteering.

We also provide health care services for events of all kinds, and non-emergency transport services dedicated to patients unable to independently carry out transfers for health purposes (hospitalizations and discharges, transfers between health facilities, etc.)

Among our references we mention: health care at the Meazza stadium (San Siro) during the matches of FC Inter and AC Milan, health care in Fiera Rho, Fiera Milano City, Expo Area and health care stations during events at Milanese theaters (Teatro della Luna, Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Allianz Arena, ...).

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