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Ensuring adequate health coverage during events, be they sporting or cultural, is essential for the smooth running of the event. Croce Amica provides health care services to companies and associations that request it.

The Croce Amica Volunteers can carry out the activity of supervision in 2 main ways:

  1. Parking: the volunteers are near the stationary vehicle, located in key positions.

  2. Following: the volunteers are on board the guided vehicle following the column (a race, a torchlight procession, a procession etc.)

Both services are carried out by volunteer rescuers qualified to use the defibrillator who have experience in health emergencies.

How to apply for health coverage for your event?


In compliance with DGR 2453 of 07.10.2014, the new regulation of the Lombardy Region on health safety during events and demonstrations provides for the following procedure:


  • Go to the portal for the Management Assistance of Events Sporting Events ( GAMES platform) and register


  • Answer the questions that will be asked on the platform to determine if and what type of health coverage you need for the Event.


  • Save the draft of your registration. Now contact us at 02.90754888 or at Tell us the results obtained on the platform (risk calculation and the Maurer Coefficient) and all the details of the service (times, place and type).


  • If the Maurer coefficient indicates that it is not necessary to provide health coverage during the event you are organizing, you can still choose to request support (a choice that Croce Amica recommends for all events with more than 100 participants). In that case, you must indicate this when registering.


  • Once you have made arrangements with Croce Amica you can complete the registration on the GAMES platform: indicate PA Croce Amica Basiglio ODV as the subject (with the Extremes of President Roberto Bizzozero) guarantor of health safety and send everything.


  • If everything is completed correctly you will receive an approval email, otherwise an email indicating any error / inaccuracy.


Croce Amica Basiglio will make your event safer and more fun!

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