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Croce Amica Basiglio, since 1991, is proudly associated with A.N.P.AS., the Italian Association of "Pubbliche Assistenze" (volunteering associations providing assistance to the general public), founded in 1904.

A.N.P.AS. is a secular organization, made up of volunteers who, every day, build a more just and supportive society through the development of a culture of solidarity and rights and the creation of solidarity communities in Italy and abroad.

A.N.P.AS. bases its institutional and associative activity on the constitutional principles of democracy, social participation and voluntary activity, so as to be understood as that provided in a personal, spontaneous and free way, non-profit, even indirectly and for solidarity purposes only, and is it is aimed at the general population and not exclusively at the members of the organization itself.


A.N.P.AS. and its associates make decisive and prevalent use of the personal, voluntary and free services of its members.

ANPAS - Codice Etico.jpg

I documenti che compongono il Codice etico Essere Anpas sono tre: 
- La carta di Identità Anpas
- Il Codice di condotta
- Il questionario di autovalutazione

I primi due documenti sono resi pubblici, e potete scaricarli cliccando sugli appositi link. 

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