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Help us cope with the surge in costs that the Covid-19 health emergency has caused. Support Croce Amica! From today it's even more convenient for you!

Thanks to the collaboration with the Italian company Santini, for every 6 euros donated to our Association by Private citizens, Professionals and Companies, we are able to give you a very useful made in Italy mask , which we will deliver to you at home or at work in a few days *.

It is very simple:

  • donation of 6 euros: 1 free Santini mask for you

  • donation of 12 euros: 2 Santini masks as a gift for you

  • donation of 18 euros : 3 Santini masks as a gift for you

  • ...and so on...

  • for donations over 600 euros send us an email to with the subject "DONATION PROMO": we can do even more for you!

* The promo is valid ONLY for deliveries in the territory of Basiglio, Pieve Emanuele, Lacchiarella, Rozzano and Zibido San Giacomo.

Donations involving deliveries to other municipalities must be agreed in advance by writing to Otherwise we will not be able to guarantee delivery or shipping of the free masks.

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Mascherina lato

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The product honored with donations over 6 euros is a filter mask for the exclusive use of the community, in compliance with the indications of the Circular of the Ministry of Health 0003572-P-18/03/2020. Paragraph 2 art. 16 CuraItalia Decree. Not for medical use or workplaces where interpersonal distance is less than 1 meter.

Made by the Italian company Santini in double layer with stretch fabric by Sitip, 220g / m2, with Acquazero anti-water / anti-splash treatment. 78% polyester, 22% Lycra. With metal nose pad to better adhere to the nose and double elastic that goes behind the head.

Filtering capacity, anti-water / anti-splash guaranteed for at least 10 washes. Washable at 90 degrees even with bleach and sanitizable also with ad-hoc spray. It can be dried in the dryer. The mask fabric has been tested and approved by Bluesign and Standard 100 Oeko-Tex.

The mask is produced in one size for adults. It can also be worn by children, but the size may be excessively large for children under 8 years old. It is worn by handling it with the rubber bands. Pass your head inside both bands and place the top band by passing it behind your head over your ears. The second elastic is placed behind the neck. The mask must cover the nose and mouth well. Once worn, the nose pad can be adjusted to best suit your nose.

We recommend touching the mask as little as possible once worn and removing it by touching only the rubber bands. Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on and after removing the mask.

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