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We are an ODV (Voluntary Organization) made up of people who love to dedicate part of their time to helping others. We deal with emergency-urgency (112 service), accompanying users with motor difficulties, health care at events and demonstrations and training in the health sector.

We love to make our city a safer place to live!

In order to offer a quality service free of charge, we need the support of those who love us. For this reason, while hoping to brighten the lives of our fellow citizens, we organize charity events, during which we have fun together and raise funds to help those in need. Come visit! Don't leave us alone!

We don't like to navigate by sight. We want to grow, increase our services and the number of our volunteers. We want to help make the lives of our fellow citizens ever safer and healthier. This is why we have many projects in mind. Do you want to share them with us? Help us help is our motto!

Being a Croce Amica Basiglio volunteer means committing oneself to equality, freedom, fraternity, gratuitousness, solidarity, mutuality, democracy, and human and civil rights enshrined in the Italian Constitution and universally recognized. Being a volunteer of Croce Amica means being part of ANPAS , the largest lay volunteer association in Italy. Join us!

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